Vietnamese Taro Eel Porridge
Taro Eel porridge is another Best Vietnamese Food which is easy made and low-priced but it is tasty. It is well known as specialty food of Cu Chi people due to it a chosen food in summer time.
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To make this Best Vietnamese Food is rather easy; you have to select one fresh eel, weighting over 1kg. Before cooking, you have to use boiled water to take away viscosity of eel. However, you do not need to surgery abdominals’ eel because it will let the blood go out and it makes the broth taking long time to boiled as well as the eel’s meat is no more delicious.

After processing the eel, put it into the boiled water until the eel’s meat is boiled. Finally, using a small knife to cut the eel and take every inside of eel. Next, adding the taro tubers into the clay pot to cook together with rice. Waiting they are soft; we put the taro leaves into the pot and adding the ingredient.
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This Best Vietnamese Food has two options for eating. The first option is eating the porridge and then eats the eel’s meat. The second option is putting the eel into the pot with the porridge and wait it boiled again. I usually take the second option due to the eel’ meat is softer and easily eats than the option one. Try using the special sauce of Cu Chi people which is called “ mắm ruốc” , the porridge will be more tasty smell.
To sum up, this dish is either extremely delicious or very good for health. The local people usually use this meal to heal the flu for children. Let enjoy it one time, you will immediately love it. Next posts I will show more best Vietnamese Food for you, do not miss them. Good Luck and Have a nice Trip.