Vietnam Travel Guide: what to see in Hue?

An imperial city during the Nguyen dynasty, Hue still retains much of its royal heritage and laidback atmo-sphere. Straddling the banks of Song Huong River (Per-fume River) in Central Vietnam, it is best known for its historic monuments and architecture and has been appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Where to eat in Hue?

The recommended street eats are Banh Khoai (tradi-tional savory pancake), Com Hen (tiny mussels served on rice with soup) and Bun Bo Hue (hot and steamy beef noodle soup). Modeled after a style house, An-cient Hue offers imperial style cuisine. Near the Citadel, Y Thao Garden is a simple yet charming choice. Dine in style in the grounds of the former mandarin houses or hobnob with the locals as you tuck into a bowl of noodles at the Dong Ba Market. For the romantics, a private dinner cruise down the Perfume River makes a memorable experience.

What to see in Hue?

Step into imperial times with a visit to the large Hue Citadel, the prime attraction of Hue. There, the walled interior houses the Forbidden City – a sprawling com-plex of palaces, temples, pavilions and galleries. Enjoy a romantic boat ride along the Perfume River on the way to explore the royal tombs of Tu Duc, Minh Mang and other former emperors that lie scattered around the countryside. The covered bridge, lush paddy fields and cottage industries that dot the city outskirts of-fer varied and interesting excursions. Hue is good for a day trip out to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), a buffer site between North and South Vietnam that saw intense fighting during the American War. Traverse the quaint streets of Hue on a cyclo or bicycle and take in Hue’s unique atmosphere. Do not forget to visit nha vuon, el-egant historic garden houses that are exclusive to Hue.

Where to stay in Hue?

La Residence Hotel & Spa is the city’s top accommo-dation with its enchanting blend of French colonial décor and tranquil location by the Perfume River. In the quaint countryside, Pilgrimage Village lures with its harmonious combination of a rustic village setting and modern art elements.