Mice Meat in Phú Yên Province
In your country, mice meats seem to be a terrible meat that you might not eat. However, Phú Yên considers it as one of delicious food there.
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In recent years, some visitors call it one of Best Vietnamese Food. When you visit Vietnam and want to discover food in my country, make sure you will not skip this dish, especially in Phú Yên Province.
Grilled mice with guise leaves are popular food in Southern Vietnam, and now it is very popular in Phú Yên. If someone have chance to visit there, no one will not want to miss this Best Vietnamese Food.
Besides of simple catching mice like using box, smoke or mice glue, Phú Yên residents having a weird catching method. Before harvesting day, the farmers use one 5m*5m land to plant new rice and barring it carefully.  Next they dig 4 holes and build 4 gates that can enter but cannot exit at the 4 corners. Mice smell the young rice and walk into the land. This is a good way to not only protect the rice but also catching the big number of mice.(sa pa)
Day by day, people have many ways to cook the mice. They are really awesome and wonderful. I am attracted by drilled mice with guise leaves, salted mice and grilled mice. I ate a lot of these foods whenever I visit Phú Yên. It is really worth to be the Best Vietnamese Food. In recent years, Phú Yên makers have a new cooking way for these mice. They use Indian techniques to cook it by using more curry to make the taste is bold. Moreover, some people are addicted to baby mice cooking with rice. They said that the baby mice are more delicious than the big one due to it is softer.
You might scare many things; however scaring one delicious food is so weird. So let try this Best Vietnamese Food when visit Phú Yên, viet nam.  I bet you find out many funny and happy things when visit this place. Hope you have an interesting trip in my beautiful country. See you soon.