List of cheese dishes in Ho Chi Minh

There is a fact in life that people are always lured by high calories dishes, which make them gain weight rather than healthy foods

Here is the list of some cheese dishes for food lovers in Sai Gon.

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  1. Cheese stick

cheese dishes

This dish has been familiar to Sai Gon youngsters for few years. It’s such a hard-to-resist delicacy with the crispy layer and the core of hot melted cheese.

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The price of a stick is 7,000 – 10,000 VND.

Where to eat? Luxubu cheese stick – 150/11 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1.

Average price for 2 persons: 50,000 VND

  1. Beef steak with cheese sauce

cheese dishes

After being sautéed, the steak is covered with cheese sauce. You can feel the fresh and light sweet taste of the beef also the cheesy flavor. This food is often served with vegetable salad and fried potatoes.

Where to eat? Bonjour Resto – 158B Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1.

Average price for 2 persons: 200,000 VND

  1. Cheese spaghetti

cheese dishes

It’s the combination of starch and cheese – 2 gaining weight threatens. However, the serving of this dish does not contain too much calories so you don’t have to worry.

Where to eat? Vesta Restaurant – 8 Yersin, District 1.

Average price for 2 persons: 200,000 VND

  1. Cheese fish-shaped cake

cheese dishes

Instead of having red bean or green tea fillings, cheese fish-shaped cake has a big piece of cheese inside. This cake has not only lovely appearance but also tasty flavor. The light salty taste of the cheese is so amazing.

Where to eat? The Bean Store – 339 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3

Average price for 2 persons: 80,000 VND

  1. Cheese cake

cheese dishes

It’s the most wanted cake for fans of sweet.  Cheese cake has deep cheesy flavor and sour sweet taste of the fruit sauce.