July next year, tourists traveling toHue will have the opportunity to contemplate the architectural beauty of Ta Tung Tu (Left temple of literature), a building in Nguyen Dynasty Emperor Minh Mang’s royal which is undergoing a long and extensive restoration process starting this August. This project has begun on August 11, 2011 and is estimated […]

The Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam’s ancient Imperial Capital, lies at the mouth of the Perfume River. It, too, has been disfigured by warfare, first by French colonists who sacked and burnt the Imperial Library as a reprisal for resistance, and then by a massive US barrage during 1968 Tet Offensive that destroyed much of […]

Hue’s imperial citadel attracts tourists because of its royal relics and beauty. Hue is also famous for more than 100 pagodas, many of them built in the 17th century such as Linh Mu pagoda, which was built in 1601, Bao Quoc pagoda in 1674 and Tu Dam pagoda in 1683. The architecture of Hue’s pagodas […]

Somewhat surprisingly Vietnam’s central cities aren’t on every traveller’s radar even though they are home to some of Vietnam’s most interesting architecture and history. Located on the banks of the Perfume River, Hue is home to a variety of war-torn temples, tombs and palaces, many of which were the homes and places of worship of […]

When you visit Hue City, especially in spring, just try your best to enjoy these dishes listed below so you can say that you were there and had the most fulfill trip ever. Huế’s Cakes (Các loại bánh Huế) In hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City also have shops selling Hue’s Cakes but cannot be comparable […]

Hue’s traditional cuisine is so distinctive from other regions in the country, which is considered as the best in Vietnam. And these are some special traditional dishes that you should not miss when visiting Hue.

...Vong Canh Hill overlooks the marvelous and elaborate modifications of the water colors upon various nuances of sunlight and sky.The hill itself is now

Minh Mang Tomb is in Huong Tho Commune, Huong Tra District, on the west bank of Perfume River and about 12km south of Hue City center. This place is where 2

Minh Mang tomb was built from 1840 and completed in 1843 with the effort of ten thousand workers and artisians.

When visiting a new country the most important activities for tourists are those that allow them to experience the culture first-hand. While you could visit a local performance or buy some handiwork crafts (and we absolutely recommend you do!), if you want a taste of local life you will only find it with the local […]

Tu Duc Tomb in Hue in Vietnam is one of the wonderful places to visit in Vietnam. Tu Duc Tomb is also the great places to visit in Hue City. Tu Duc Tomb in Hue in Vietnam is located in a beautiful valley which offers fantastic landscapes and Tu Duc Tomb is the most brilliant […]

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