Everything you Need to Know about Binh Dinh

Binh Dinh is a province in the South Central coast region of Vietnam. It is places to visit in vietnam for  its long white sand beaches, majestic mountains and historical-cultural vestiges. vietnam travel guide will introduce some interesting places in Binh Dinh you should come this Autumn.

Thi Nai Lagoon

Thi Nai Bridge- Binh Dinh

Thi Nai is the most famous and largest lagoon in Binh Dinh with many kind of seafood. In this lagoon, there is a small mountain where there is a temple name Thay Boi standing in. In addition, there is a long bridge called Thi Nai connect Quy Nhon City with Phuong Mai Pennisula. It is famous by being the longest sea beach in Viet Nam and in the top 10 famous bridges most photographed by tourists.

Ghenh Rang

Ghenh Rang is located in South east of Binh Dinh, 3km from Quy Nhon City center. It is known for the pristine beach, high mountains, and many rock with interesting shapes.

Genh rang- Binh Dinh

The high mountains are gathering in the south west. Each rock seems to have own soul with the deep love for sea: the Lion’s Head rock, the Lying Elephant and Bear, the Chong rock look like soldiers protecting country. It is like a beautiful architectural complex which is molded by hand of Mother Nature.

Queen Beach-Binh Dinh

On the north east of Ghenh Rang, there is Hoang Hau beach which is the best beach of Binh Dinh with the powdery golden sand and blue water. The name Hoang Hau means “queen” because this was the place where Bao Dai King built a villa for spending time with his most beloved wife – Queen Nam Phuong.

Nhon Ly Dunes

Nhon Ly dune-Binh Dinh

This Sand Dunes is located next to the beach Nhon Ly, belongs to Phuong Mai Peninsula, 20km from Quy Nhon city center. Come to the dunes, visitors can start to discover the sand dunes nearly 100m elevation. On the journey to conquer, you’ll see the vast of sand world and wild charm beauty of it with the sand seems to be transformed daily, hourly by sea breezes.

NhonLy Beach-Binh Dinh

Especially, in this place visitors will be entertained with thrilling games very interesting is sliding sand. This game is suitable for everyone, as a leisure sport program in weekend. It help tourist can be relaxed after long time working. After sliding sand, visitors can swim in Nhon Ly beach, to get the cool and exciting feeling.

Ham Ho

Ham Ho2-Binh Dinh

Ham Ho or or ‘Yelling Cellar’ is a downstream part of the Kut River in Tay Son, Binh Dinh Vietnam. Visitors will be surprised by an exotic spectacle of two riverside with rolling stone, some upright like a wall, some piled up in heaps, and some are sharp as the upright sword. Groves of trees ease the rugged looks of undulating cliffs. Specially, there are wonderful rocks which people love most as Flying Fish Stone, Gates of Life and Death, Chess Stone…

Ba Mountains

núi Bà Bình Định

Ba mountain complex have over 60 different high and low flames, lie in Phu Cat district, about 30km from Quy Nhon city. Looks remotely, Ba mountains look like a serial of mountains which is seamless, continuous. Approaching, tourist can realize that between those undulating high mountains is lush plants valleys. That make this place becomes great destination for eco-tourism and adventure travel.

Vong Phu Stone

Coming to Ba Mountains, tourists should visit some famous spots such as: Hang Rai Mount, Heo Mount, and Chuong Mount which is the highest. You also will be told the story of Vong Phu stone (Waiting for Husband). The stones contain a high stone standing side by side with a smaller one looks like a young wife and her son, had waited for the husband for a very long time until they all became rocks. That sad story praises the Vietnamese women’s fidelity in love and family.

The Clusters of Champa Towers


From Quy Nhon city, travel within a radius of 40 km, tourists can visit most of Cham towers here. With 13 towers are arranged in 8 groups, Cham Towers in Binh Dinh Province own a unique architectural heritage.

Twin Tower in Binh Dinh

The first tower in the journey to explore is the Twin towers which was built during the late 12th century, one big one small, standing close together as couples gravitate. About 300 m from the 1A road, is Banh It towers complex. The layout of the towers here is quite unique and typical of Cham architecture; standing at the door of each tower you could observe the other tower.

Banh It Tower in Binh Dinh

Canh Tien Tower located alone 500 meters from National Highway 1A, has Binh Dinh style with spears sharp arch, simple, robust, less decorative tower walls.

Canh Tien Tower in Binh Dinh

Located on a hill of Tay Binh commune, Tay Son district, danang travel Quy Nhon, Duong Long Cham Tower is a complex of three towers. Duong Long towers are smaller structures toward the tops and end in blooming lotuses. They are difference with the appearance of large stones in the corner some decorative stone sculptures.

Duong Long Towers in Binh Dinh

Visitor can discover some other towers such as Binh Lam Tower, Thu Thien Tower; Phu Loc Tower…The unique decoration of Cham Towers makes you feel like you are lost in the mystical world of Cham ancient.

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